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Diagnostic Wax-Ups


  • Study casts, both maxillary and mandibular. Be sure to capture extension of palate, ridges, flanges, Hamular notch, and retromolar pads.
  • Accurate facebow transfer of maxillary arch. Please facebow mount maxillary cast in office to avoid distortions.
  • CR bite registration using method of choice to achieve centric relation joint position. Be sure to load test to verify joint position.
  • Protrusive bite record.
  • Photographs needed:
    1. Full face smiling
    2. Smile -without retractors
    3. Smile Profile – close-up
    4. High smile line
    5. Smile with teeth apart
    6. “E” position
    7. Rest position
    8. Smile – head tipped down slightly
    9. Maximum lntercuspation with retractors
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