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Upper Anterior, Full Crown Restorations


  • New study cast of approved upper provisionals. Be sure to capture full extension of palate, ridges, and flanges.
  • Face-bow of approved provisional restorations – not the preps.
    Please face-bow mount upper cast in office to avoid distortion in shipment.
  • New cast of opposing arch. Be sure to capture full extension of ridges and flanges.
  • Full series of photographs of provisionals without retractors. Take pictures with patient sitting upright or standing, not in the dental chair, to capture the correct plane of occlusion. These pictures are important. We need this information to evaluate the occlusal plane, front-to-back progression, smile line, mid-line, and overall esthetics, before beginning case.
  • Master impressions of upper arch with custom tray. Be sure to include full extension of palate, and full alveolar ridge contours.
  • Bite of upper anterior preps in maximum intercuspation.
  • Mounted casts of originals to be used as reference for surface texture, lustre and characterization.
  • Detailed instructions for shading, including pictures of preps (if all ceramic) and photos with shade guides.
  • Written detailed instructions with description of work.
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